Introducing Computer Science in Primary Education

Teaching computer science, technological literacy and computational thinking

For teachers, by teachers

Share to Teach is an online teacher training platform which offers courses which help primary school teachers introduce computer science, technological literacy, and computational thinking to students ages four to 12.

All children should have a solid foundation to understand technology: how it works, why it works, and how to think in order to develop technological solutions. Computer science is an ideal way to teach 21st century skills while preparing students from a young age for a world of constant and rapid technological development.

Share to Teach’s courses are designed for classroom teachers with little or no previous experience teaching computer science. Our courses cover the following:

• Computer science theory
• Pedagogy
• Teaching approaches
• Classroom management strategies
• Curriculum, lesson plans and teaching resources
• Technology tool recommendations

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Register to be notified about our upcoming teacher training courses for primary school teachers. Some will be free-of-charge while others will be fee-based.

During our free-of-charge courses, we’ll provide teaching resources including easy-to-understand computer science theory and concepts and provide guidance which helps teachers develop their own lessons which integrate 21st century skills development.


Teacher Training Fundamentals

21st Century Skills

Teachers will learn how to help their students develop 21st century skills: critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and collaboration, creativity and communication.

Fundamental Concepts

Teachers will learn how to teach fundamental computer science concepts which define all technology and never change, unlike programming languages, hardware and software.

Tangible Objects

Teachers will learn how to teach with tangible objects to strengthen the learning process: pen and paper, arts and crafts supplies, programmable robots, mini-computers, and even themselves!

Real-World Technology

Teachers will learn how to incorporate current and future technology to inspire students and show them that computer science is all around them through their use of technology in everyday life.

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