Introducing Computer Science in Primary Education

Teaching computer science, technological literacy and computational thinking

Summary: During this course, primary school teachers will learn how to introduce computer science, technological literacy and computational thinking to students ages four to 12. Teachers will learn what each of these topics means and how they relate to primary school students and 21st century skills. Teachers will also introduce students to different aspects of technology, from systems to design and logic.

The course provides teachers with computer science theory, four sample lessons and sample class sides. None of the sample lessons require computers or technology tools. Lessons are based on pen and paper exercises, games, arts and craft activities and DIY exercises.

Estimated Time Commitment for 5-module course:

  • Reviewing training materials: 2 hours
  • Lesson preparation: 2 hours
  • Teaching sample lesson outlines: 4 hours
  • Commenting on Share to Teach: 1 hour
  • Total: 9 hours

Rules: Teachers from legally-registered primary schools around the world are eligible to participate in this course. All teachers will be vetted.

Teachers are expected to teach all five lessons within two weeks of the training material being posted on Share to Teach and provide feedback on Share to Teach. Training materials and sample lesson outlines will not be provided to teachers who do not actively teach what they learn and post feedback on Share to Teach.