Stichting NewTechKids (NewTechKids Foundation) has developed the Share to Teach online platform to help primary school teachers start immediately introducing computer science lessons to their students.

Share to Teach should not be seen primarily as a repository for computer science lessons and teaching materials. It is an active teaching community where teachers practise teaching computer science, technological literacy and computational thinking.

Below are the general rules for participating in our teacher training courses and getting the most out of them. These rules are based on feedback we’ve received from teachers who have already participated in our courses and taught our sample lesson outlines.

1. Only teachers working for legally-registered primary schools around the world are eligible to participate in our courses. Teachers must be able to teach Share to Teach’s sample lessons to a fixed group of students.

2. Each participating teacher is required to submit a short teaching plan which specifies the dates and times when they will teach our sample lessons and the subject slots in which these lessons will occur (eg. math, science, art, class project, etc.). Only Stichting NewTechKids will have access to these teaching plans, not other participating teachers.

3. Participating teachers have two weeks to complete each course module and teach the sample lesson from the time that the training materials and sample lessons are posted on Share to Teach. Completion includes reviewing the training materials (theory, concepts, etc.) and teaching the sample lesson outlines.

4. Participating teachers are required to demonstrate that they have taught the previous sample lesson outline to their students in order to access subsequent training modules. Proof includes posting at least one helpful comment, uploading photos of student work or teaching materials, and/or suggesting new lesson ideas and approaches on Share to Teach.