TechTalk for Teachers

Leading Class Discussions about Technology and its Implications

Summary: During this ongoing course, primary school teachers will access teaching resources which help them lead weekly class discussions about technological innovation, with a particular emphasis on its pros, cons, implications and ethics.

A new TechTalk for Teachers topic will be posted every week during the school year (September 2018 - July 2019).

Every TechTalk will feature an example of technology (video, photo or article) along with suggested questions to discuss with students ages eight to 12. Technology examples will be taken from a variety of fields, including health, transportation, agriculture, energy, the environment, retail, entertainment, sports and consumer goods.

Rules: Only teachers from legally-registered primary schools around the world are eligible to participate in this course. All non-teachers, including after-school program instructors, are ineligible to participate in this course.

All teachers are required to provide their school email address when registering for the course. Submitting personal email addresses will disqualify your registration.

Teachers are invited to make TechTalk for Teacher a regular feature in their classrooms and share feedback from their discussions with students. Let's bring critical thinking about technology into primary school classrooms!


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